Sunday, January 15, 2012

Big Question Abstract

Every culture has myths and stories of legends. From the Celtics to the Chinese, there are similarities in these myths and lessens to be taught. For example, there are stories about the great flood in many culture. There are version of the same stories from the Christians and even the Aztecs. How does two different cultures, from different parts of the world, have similar stories?
This is important to know because it shows how cultures intermingle and develop along side other cultures by sharing ideas and concepts. It helps create a better understanding of the modern world and how every thing came to be.
I am going to connect the cultures of the world of old, also, create a better understanding of why every thing is how it is today.
I think the best way of doing this is to start from the beginning and work my way to modern day comparing myths and stories of the various cultures. Breaking up the project and myths into categories such as creations myths, afterlife myths, heroes/epics, etc...To look for information, I will go to mythology heavy web sites and databases.

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