Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Free Play Socratic Seminar Notes

Some things that we covered in 6th Period

  • Playing is good for children but it must be free playing or playing without guidelines and restriction. Think Spongebob and Imagination (the TV box episode).
  • Adults should also play in the same way but don't due to being self-conscious about how people see them, they are trying to be realistic and worldly.
  • Schools cause this to happen by teaching us with ridged and strict guideline. School tells us to not play and study instead.
  • Learning is good and more people would actively pursue learning if school didn't make learning feel so bad and boring.
  • Kids these days don't want to do anything related to learning as a result, even though they still want to learn they don't like the word "learning" because they associate it with school.
  • In a sense learning has become "tainted" by the schools and their education systems.

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