Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In Search Of

Watch this video on Filter Bubbles.

 I knew that search sites filtered the information that you got to see but I never thought of sites such as a news site filtering the news to what they think you want to hear. I now see the internet as another way media can distort our reality of the world to make it seem like something that it isn't. The internet is still fine but you just have to be wary of the action behind the curtain. A question I have is how badly does these bubbles actually distort our view of the world? Also, is there a way to stop or change the filters? I will try to from now on to always search use multiple search sites, not just Google, when searching for information and news about the rest of the world.

When I re-searched Shakespeare I did a couple of things to try to widen my bubble.
The first thing i did was search "Who was Shakespeare?" on Google and Yahoo!. The the second thing I did was changed the wording of the search. I used "William Shakespeare" and "Life of Shakespeare", and I even searched "Eduard de Vere" to see what came up as well.

Overall I got more results and a wider source of information but I still wonder what more information is out there that I didn't get to see because of the filter bubbles.

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