Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Tale of Two Cities Discussion notes p.1-100

  • Antithesis- p.3 "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."
  •  Setting- Late 1700's, Paris and London. Dickens uses the two cities to convey his themes, the cities both have their own problems. Paris- French Revolution, London- Religion (the whole one king is Catholic, the next is Protestant deal that went on in England during that time period) and crime.
  • Diction- Dickens uses a British dialect form the late 1700's-1800's, p.9 has quite a bit of examples
  • Syntax- He structures his sentences differently than we are use to.
  • Symbolism- death and fate are used a lot.
  • Theme- Rebirth, "Recalled to Life." first appears at the end of book 1 chapter 2.
  • Anaphora- Dickens repeats "It was" in the beginning.
  • Tone- p.4, gloomy, Both London and Paris are having hard times.
  • Apostrophe- Chapter 3, Mr. Lorry talks with a ghost.
  • Genre- Historical Fiction
  • Metaphor- p.27, the broken wine case and all the people rushing to drink every last drop they can get.
  • Foreshadowing- p.57, the rusty fingers. p.97, the story of the prisoners.

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