Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Tale of Two Cities Questions

1. When does the novel take place?
- 1775,1780

2. Why does Mr. Lorry go to the hotel?
- To meet Miss Lucie Manette.

3. Where do Mr. Lorry and Lucie go?
- San Antoine, Paris.

4. Who is the shoemaker?
- Dr. Manette, Lucie's father.

5. Why does Dr. Manette not remember anything?
- he is sick.

6. What kind of job does Jerry Cruncher have?
- Messenger.

7. Why does Jerry always have rust on his fingers?

8. Who is on trial?
- Charles Darnay.

9. Why is Darnay on trial?
- Treason.

10. Who is Darnay related to?
- Sydney Carton.

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